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Important Water Saftey Information From Reading Berkshire Fire and Rescue

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If you find yourself in trouble in the water:

  • Float to live. Do not panic, float on your back.

If someone else is in trouble in the water:

  • If someone else falls into the water, call 999 straight away and ask to speak to the fire service and ambulance. 
  • Never enter the water to try and save someone, even if you are a strong swimmer. Shout to the person in the water ‘swim to me.' The water can be disorientating and this can give them a focus.
  • Depending on where you are there might be lifebelts or throw bags – use them. If they are attached to a rope, make sure you have secured or are holding the end of the rope so you can pull them in.

Spending time near water

  • When running or walking next to the water, stay clear of the edges. Riverbanks may be unstable and give way
  • Look out for trip or slip hazards - pay attention to your footing
  • If you are walking the dog and they end up in the water, do not go in after them
  • Avoid walking routes near water if you are under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol affects your ability to get yourself out of trouble, so find another route home instead. Look out for your friends and make sure they get home safely
  • You have no idea what's beneath the water surface, there could be unseen currents or reeds, which could pull you under

More water safety information can be found here.

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